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World Adoption


World Adoption Day is a day to celebrate family. World Adoption Day is a day to raise awareness for adoption. World Adoption Day is a day to raise funds to support families in their adoption.Ambassadors from all over the world are organizing events and parties, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate World Adoption Day. Join us as we create a day to celebrate the power and beauty of family brought together through adoption.



Are you passionate about adoption, do you love people, do you love a good party?
If so, this is for you.

Spread The Word

It’s simple. On November 9th, draw a smiley face on your hand and take
a photo. Post the picture to social media using the hashtag #WorldAdoptionDay


Allow this to be a catalyst into your world of adoption.
Start donating toward families who need financial help in their adoption.


Volunteer, become an ambassador, connect your organization, create events or attend events in your community. Any investment makes a difference.

Join the movement


9 november 2018
On November 9th,
we are inviting everyone worldwide
to post a photo of themselves,
their family and their friends
with the hands up smiley face
with the hashtag: #WorldAdoptionDay


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